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Our youngest is getting married in two months and so much has been going on during the past months. Come to think of it, even more will be going on during the months to come!

On Saturday we surprised her with a kitchen tea and had a lot of fun with her. She received beautiful gifts for their new home and we had a special time together as family and friends. There was so much laughter and joy and I get to share the pictures with you on my new layout for Saturday’s class ūüôā

double page layout

This is a fun layout with lots of unexpected detail including washi tape, a tiny button card and a transparent overlay.


The paper is from Kaiser Kraft’s Pickled Pear collection and I used parts of it with 7G tags to create bundles tied with waxed cord.


Come create a layout for your special pictures having fun with your loved ones while we catch up on everybody’s news ūüôā


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The four of us sat huddled together on the couch.

The boys listened intently to me reading –¬†in character –¬†from Rumpelstilskin:¬† “……and a small, funny little man entered the room and asked:¬†¬†Rumpelstilskin, why are you so sad?”¬† Upon hearing about Rumpelstilskin’s dilemma of having to spin straw into gold before the morning, the funny little man sat down at the spindle and completed the task for her.

For a while we were transported into a world of magic and wonder through the story.

As adults we do not often have the opportunity to be part of¬†this mystic¬†world of magic and wonder.¬† Aaaah … that feeling of drifting away on a soft cloud with your eyes closed and reality just a distant memory…¬† But when our family comes together we¬†LIVE a story for a while!

My layout for this week is titled ‘Tell me a story’ and I used old book paper to create fluffy clouds to carry me away ūüėȬ† I used pictures of me and my siblings having fun.

double page layout (2)

The film strip above the zig-zag paper is from a real old movie roll that Frans bought in its case from a second-hand shop!

Postage stamps remind me of the letters we used to have before e-mail and sms’ that brought news and stories from someone else.


I punched flowers from book paper and used it with the stamps and buttons to create clusters on the background that lead the eye from left to right on the layout.


The book paper and film strips tie in with my ‘story’ theme and part of the title sits on a fluffy book paper cloud .

Join my story¬†on Saturday and together we¬†will float away on a cloud of fun…

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(actually just before the end of 2012) in the Drakensberg not too far from home, a Grandpa, Grandma and three grandsons decided to climb one of the peaks.

They took the long way and explored as far as they went. ¬†Up and up they climbed until they came upon a beautiful protea bush in full flower and Grandpa insisted on taking a picture.¬† He would set up the camera and run to take his place behind Grandma and the boys.¬† It took some time, but he managed to get this picture ūüôā


As soon as Grandpa was happy the boys were running up the mountain again and Grandma came huffing and puffing behind.  Soon they reached the top of the world with views on the most beautiful wetland below.


When Grandma’s huffing and puffing had slowed down enough they set off down the mountain on the other side to take care of some boy’s stuff.¬† Serious boy’s stuff!


Of course Grandpa kept a watchful eye and every time one of the boys managed to light a set of crackers they scattered in all directions Рthe anticipation and joy on their faces priceless!

The day ended with the most beautiful sunset and they felt privileged that they were able to enjoy the beauty of this remote spot in the Drakensberg.


A few days later they set the table for their Christmas meal with friends and family.


Then Grandma’s sister and her husband came to visit and¬†the two Grandma’s and Grandpa’s set off exploring (being very adventurous spirits, they couldn’t sit still for long!).¬† They came upon this waterfall tumbling down a forty-foot gorge with an inviting pool at the end of it.


Inch by inch they made their way down the steep mountainside and when they got to the pool rewarded themselves by getting into the ice-cold mountain water to cool down.


And then 2012 ended with a beautiful sunset.



For this year I would like to wish you the best of God’s blessings.

May you be granted the wisdom to figure out the lessons from 2012 and apply them to your life in 2013.

May you be granted the strength to face the adversities that may come your way this year.

May you live an inspired life in 2013.

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I was overwhelmed with the beauty of Goegap Nature Reserve in Springbok where the spring flowers were blooming abundantly at the time.

We had only a week to explore this beautiful part of our country and I think that our stay in the Honnehokke¬†in Hondeklipbay¬†was the highlight of it all.¬† Never in my life will I forget this¬†vista¬†as we crested a hill on¬†the Groenspoeg¬†4×4 route.

Now, only four years later, we are even more privileged to tour the Northern Cape and this time the Western Cape as well with three of my siblings and their spouses.¬† I cannot wait and am busily making lists and gathering recipes for long nights around a campfire.¬† Yes!¬† We are going to camp this time and we have anxiously been watching the long-term weather forecasts to find out what we can expect.¬† Several cold fronts have rolled in during the past weeks and several more are forecasted but that doesn’t scare us.

Our tent is now equipped with a lining that can be¬†clipped on and off as needed and I really hope that it will make a difference¬†to the temperature inside the tent (not only because I like to sleep snugly, but also to prove to my husband that it WILL make a difference ūüėČ )

I’m signing off now to pack and prepare but I will hopefully share beautiful pictures of our family camping trip with you when we return.

Watch this space…

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All warm and fuzzy inside I looked out at snowflakes feathering down on my garden.

That’s what I did yesterday –¬†I tried hard to concentrate on my work but couldn’t help myself.¬† Every time the snow started again I just had to get up and stare in amazement.¬† Pictures cannot do it justice but I have to share one with you and I bet every South African who experienced the snow yesterday will get warm and fuzzy inside while looking at it!]

It felt as if I was inside a snow bowl with magic all around me ūüôā¬† After a little while the plants started looking like this:

Snow on blue salvias

When the kids came home from school they had a ball dancing in the falling snowflakes:

Secretly, everybody who played in the snow yesterday had let their inner child free to enjoy the snow with abandon!  The children even dragged great-grandma out to pose with them:

It was very special for her to be able to enjoy the spectacle with her great-grandchildren. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and looking forward to scrap with you on 18 August 2012!

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Time out

Up until now the winter has not really bothered me, except for the darkness that creeps in so quickly just after sunset.  But I know that the only constant in life is change Рthings will change, always!

And so it is that today the wind has a chill in it and the weather forecasters use foul language like ‘very low temperatures’, ‘extreme cold’ and ‘sub-zero night temperatures’ when they talk about the weather for the upcoming weekend.¬† As it happens we are heading to the Drakensberg for the weekend that looked like this on our last visit:

This picture was taken from the top of the koppie to the west of the cabin and if you squint and look carefully, you will see the cabin and the kombi down by the stream.

Apparently we can expect it to look more like this over the weekend:

Now picture this:

and you know how busy I will be this weekend ūüôā¬† A fire like this in the fireplace does not feed itself you know!¬† Every now and then someone actually has to get up from the couch to poke it and add more wood.¬† It’s tough, but someone has to do it!

I need this time out like a baby needs milk and I intend making the most of it.¬† Who knows, we might even get snowed in… in which case we will have to postpone next Saturday’s class¬† I promise to take lots of pictures and post them on my blog next week together with our layout for Saturday 16 June.

So, whatever you do this weekend – cover up, stay out of the cold and look after yourselves!

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I sometimes experience a moment in life when I want to chip away the walls around my heart and allow softness to creep in.

Everyday life is hectic and I tend to be very focused on matters at hand, driving for results and often forgetting the people I work and live with have unique feelings and needs.¬† Because I am able to push my needs and feelings aside, I expect others to do it as well ūüė¶

But then a magic moment happens unexpectedly and I have the opportunity to align myself again with the people around me.  That is when I make notes in my head about how things should be.  How I should treat others (mostly my husband) and nurture them and what we have together.  My layout this week is about those notes to myself that I wish I could live by every day!

My layout was inspired¬†by one that The Scrapbooking¬†Den did on their Mayday Mega Crop.¬† I haven’t used Basic Grey in a looong time and the colours of the paper complemented my pictures perfectly.

I love matchbox folders on a layout and I used the words ‘Follow your heart’ on the bottom flap of mine

The journaling strips are from Cosmo Cricket and I used it throughout the layout.

The title is printed on a transparency, painted on the back and stuck to the page using the paint as adhesive.  Four cream brads define the edges of the title and is repeated next to a tab on the left page.  The trim is from Making Memories and I dyed it to match the colours of my layout.

I am looking forward to scrapping with you on Saturday and would like to hear from you what notes you make to yourself (if you do!)

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