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One moment I was leading the race and the next moment my head disappeared under water and I came up spluttering…

We were having fun in the pool after a hectic course of cheese making on Saturday.  My two sisters and three brothers with their husbands and wives decided last year that we wanted to do something together and we chose cheese making since most of us were interested in the process.  Little did we know…

Let’s just say that cheese making is far more involved than I am prepared to invest at this point in time.  But we had loads of fun and after Sunday lunch tried to take a family picture.  I say ‘tried’ because we ended up with a lot of funny, funky pictures… but a proper family portrait?  Well, we’ll just have to try again next time.  Promise!

However, the pictures were perfect for my layout this week 😉

double page layout

I used stickers from Echo Park and paired it up with paper tape from Bazzil Basics.


Slits in the background provided a place to slip cards with the months of the year and some journaling on it into.  I lined the slits with dotted tape in the same colour as the background that draws the attention to it.


The title was stamped and highlighted with white and I added black shadows when the paint was dry.  Stickers on top of the stamped  title repeat the title for added detail.

Now all that remains to do is to live, love, laugh, pray, play, pause… and then start all over again!


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(actually just before the end of 2012) in the Drakensberg not too far from home, a Grandpa, Grandma and three grandsons decided to climb one of the peaks.

They took the long way and explored as far as they went.  Up and up they climbed until they came upon a beautiful protea bush in full flower and Grandpa insisted on taking a picture.  He would set up the camera and run to take his place behind Grandma and the boys.  It took some time, but he managed to get this picture 🙂


As soon as Grandpa was happy the boys were running up the mountain again and Grandma came huffing and puffing behind.  Soon they reached the top of the world with views on the most beautiful wetland below.


When Grandma’s huffing and puffing had slowed down enough they set off down the mountain on the other side to take care of some boy’s stuff.  Serious boy’s stuff!


Of course Grandpa kept a watchful eye and every time one of the boys managed to light a set of crackers they scattered in all directions – the anticipation and joy on their faces priceless!

The day ended with the most beautiful sunset and they felt privileged that they were able to enjoy the beauty of this remote spot in the Drakensberg.


A few days later they set the table for their Christmas meal with friends and family.


Then Grandma’s sister and her husband came to visit and the two Grandma’s and Grandpa’s set off exploring (being very adventurous spirits, they couldn’t sit still for long!).  They came upon this waterfall tumbling down a forty-foot gorge with an inviting pool at the end of it.


Inch by inch they made their way down the steep mountainside and when they got to the pool rewarded themselves by getting into the ice-cold mountain water to cool down.


And then 2012 ended with a beautiful sunset.



For this year I would like to wish you the best of God’s blessings.

May you be granted the wisdom to figure out the lessons from 2012 and apply them to your life in 2013.

May you be granted the strength to face the adversities that may come your way this year.

May you live an inspired life in 2013.

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On Saturday we had a huge get-together for my brother’s and his wife’s sixtieth birthdays this year.  All his brothers and sisters and all her brothers and sisters were there with some of their children – I would guess about 100 people!

Here is our bunch:

My sister and her husband (in the insert) unfortunately had to leave early and missed out on the family picture.  We caught up on all the news and had a family meal together on Sunday before everybody returned home.

The eight of us who went on the Namaqualand tour regaled the others with all our beautiful memories and what do you know – the next tour is being planned now.  I don’t know where or when yet, all I know is that I want to get on the road and make some more memories with my family 🙂

I used some pictures that we took at the West Coast National Park at Langebaan on our recent trip for my layout this week.

The paper is from DCWV and I hope you will love the flocked paper as much as I do.  The two pockets in the bottom corners of the layout were taped onto the background with 7G paper tape and provided space for tags that I used for journaling.

The chipboard wings were painted red and matted on dotted cardstock.  The word ‘beautiful’ came from a 7G card and were also matted on the dotted cardstock.

I used cotton twine to fasten a metal charm to one of the pictures as well as for a photo corner on the main picture on the left page.

It all begins and ends with family and I look forward to getting together with my scrapping family on Saturday 13 October!


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I was overwhelmed with the beauty of Goegap Nature Reserve in Springbok where the spring flowers were blooming abundantly at the time.

We had only a week to explore this beautiful part of our country and I think that our stay in the Honnehokke in Hondeklipbay was the highlight of it all.  Never in my life will I forget this vista as we crested a hill on the Groenspoeg 4×4 route.

Now, only four years later, we are even more privileged to tour the Northern Cape and this time the Western Cape as well with three of my siblings and their spouses.  I cannot wait and am busily making lists and gathering recipes for long nights around a campfire.  Yes!  We are going to camp this time and we have anxiously been watching the long-term weather forecasts to find out what we can expect.  Several cold fronts have rolled in during the past weeks and several more are forecasted but that doesn’t scare us.

Our tent is now equipped with a lining that can be clipped on and off as needed and I really hope that it will make a difference to the temperature inside the tent (not only because I like to sleep snugly, but also to prove to my husband that it WILL make a difference 😉 )

I’m signing off now to pack and prepare but I will hopefully share beautiful pictures of our family camping trip with you when we return.

Watch this space…

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I want to share this piece of wisdom from Studio Self with you today.  You do not have to bully yourself about the things you do not get done.  You do not have to beat yourself up because you do not always manage to keep the peace and keep everybody happy.  You do not have to worry because you do not live up to other’s expectations.  You are enough – and enough is enough! Amen

I have struggled with the winter blues over the past weeks and then a clever daughter of mine sent me an e-mail with ‘enough is enough’ and it lifted my spirits immediately.  Hope it also helps you with whatever situation you are in now and give you the boost you need to believe in yourself again 🙂

Putting together my layout for Saturday’s class made me happy because I love Kraft paper as a background.  Most printed paper you can think of will work on Kraft paper because of its muted colour.  the double page layout for this week is about family and I combined 7G and Fancy Pants paper on the Kraft background.

The tags started out as ordinary post office tags but when I got my hands on my Ranger distress stains the colour changed dramatically.  I used a few colours to get the effect I wanted and when they were dry I stamped onto the tags with Crafty Individuals stamps.

A variety of metal embellishments – that I coloured with alcohol ink to get the right colour – add interest to the tags.  If you look closely you can see that the crown has the same aqua colour of the embroidery thread that I used to make cross-stitches in various places on the layout.  Embroidery thread always adds warmth and a homely feel to a layout (I promise I don’t use it to irritate you Lorraine 😉 )   I love the rich colours of the trims that complement the papers beautifully.

So come and play with me on Saturday and together we will drive the winter blues away!

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Only by the age of forty had I mastered the art of being true to myself.  Before that I used to tear myself in a million pieces trying to please everybody else.

I found some wonderful neck exercises that helped catapult myself into being myself – I learnt to shake my head from side to side.  I learnt to say NO.  NO to things other people expected from me that they could do for themselves.  NO to unreasonable demands from others.  NO to unnecessary things I ‘had to do’ stealing my time.  NO to people sucking every ounce of energy out of me, leaving me spent and too tired to spend quality time with my family.  With whom I can just be myself!

Over the Easter weekend we had our annual family get-together and we spent a lot of time catching up and of course just being ourselves 🙂  My younger sister and I are very close and can be quite goofy when we are together.  On Sunday afternoon we hiked to the waterfall in Kgaswane (near Rustenburg) where we were camping and everybody had to be photographed with the waterfall in the background.  When it was our turn she caught me unexpectedly from behind and started kissing me passionately on the cheek.  Mary-Ann was ready with her camera and clicked away, capturing precious memories that I used on my layout for this week.

The layout was actually completed before the weekend and the pictures went very well with it.  I used paper from the new Fancy Pants range as well as their beautiful matching rub-ons.

The rub-ons look beautiful on the background as well as on the printed paper and I used it strategically across my layout.  Part of the layout is a quote from an unknown person reading:  ‘The biggest challenges in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.’

I already practise most of the phrases on the page but there is at least one that I really need to work on:  ‘Forgive Easily’.  Why is that so difficult fo me?  Maybe because I am being my stubborn self!

Find what makes you happy this week and do it {a LOT}

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We didn’t buy it because it was modern, upmarket or eye-catching.  What did matter was that it had five bedrooms, a lounge, a diningroom and a separate family room for our family of six.  On top of that it was affordable!  That was twenty years ago…

A lot changed over the past twenty years and the original main entrance of our home was replaced by another.  Subsequently the original entrance hall became… a storage space for model planes, old bookcases, anything that didn’t fit anywhere else let’s just say ‘defunct’ and in the back of my head was sidelined and after a while I subconsciously disregarded it as part of the house 😦 A very sad state of affairs!

Then Mary-Ann designed the most beautiful ‘wall of pictures’ for her dining room and I immediately knew that was what I was going to do with the defunct entrance hall 🙂

I bought an assortment of frames, printed the pictures and Alisha and I set off to a quaint coffee and curio shop to buy the embellishments I wanted to use with my pictures.

Back home the design started on the dining room table…

The sad-looking entrance hall was waiting expectantly…

It took some time and effort to get everything onto the wall but the outcome was beautiful and the effort well worth it!

The bird house on the floor was meant to be painted cream and hung outside in my veggie garden but it completed the picture wall perfectly and I popped an anthurrium into it to repeat the red on the cross and the heart.  Guess I have to get a new one for the veggie garden…

When I got up this morning I went and sat on the couch from where I had a perfect view of the new ‘entrance hall’ and I thanked God in turn for every member of my precious family.

Then it happened:  the heavens opened and the angels sang…

Work in Progress Mondays

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