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It’s the weekend baby!

And on our way to a piece of heaven we took to the gorgeous autumn fields and reconnected with our inner child for a while.  The weather was changing fast and the wind swept over the grasslands to lend wings to our feet as we skipped across the green grass.

That was after we had a bit of fun in the kosmos that lined the dirt road.

We even managed to drag the reluctant photographer who usually hides behind the camera into the flowers for a beautiful picture!

Spectacular clouds lined the sky and we just managed to unload our luggage before a few fat raindrops started falling from the sky.  A hearty dinner set the tone for a relaxed evening spent by the soft light of the lanterns and we went to bed looking forward to the creative buzz on Saturday.

Saturday was spent creating texture, paint washes, dry-brushing, highlighting and every technique you can think of.  It was amazing to see everybody’s canvas taking on colour and texture and become a work of art!

All the projects are not completed yet, so we will keep them under wraps until they are ready to showcase here 😉

The sunset on Saturday was amazing because of thunder clouds low on the western horizon and the temperature dropped considerably.  During the night it rained and the fog rolled in so that we woke up on Sunday to white fog hugging the cabin.  But before long the fog started clearing and by the time we were packed and ready to return home the seed-laden grass were basking in the morning sun.

Before finally departing Riani suggested that we take the girls to the lookout point to show them the beautiful view of the escarpment dropping away to the valley deep down below.

Everybody agreed that the next getaway needs to be longer so we can spend more time outdoors to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  So watch this space and don’t miss out on our next extended creative getaway in March 2013


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In her right hand she had the most beautiful pumpkin from her own garden.  In her left hand she had an anthurrium with lilac flowers.  In her chest she has a heart of gold!  She offered me a piece of herself.  Thank you Lorraine, you made my day!

My creativity was at an all-time low in December – especially after my head injury 😦  I didn’t do any scrapping.  Just enjoyed the company and the beautiful surroundings and spent a lot of time reflecting.  But creativity cannot be kept locked away and before long I started rummaging through my stash to see what would grab me.

As I unpacked the small canvasses and bits and bobs and lace and buttons and what-not, that familiar flutter of excitement started growing in my stomach until I could no longer contain the rumble and this is what spilled over:

A bit of handmade paper teamed up with old sheet music (my favourite!) serve as the background on top of the canvas for the 7Gypsy tags, Making Memories butterflies and vintage pictures of sweet children.  Add strips of Tim Holtz tissue tape, a cabouchon with buttons and a piece of lace and ta-da!

This year I intend to dabble more in mixed media and all things vintage and hope to take you on the journey with me 🙂

Whatever you create this week, give a piece of yourself!

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Sometimes I need a break.  Seriously.  Urgently.  Away from everything and everyone.

Then I plan a break  and look forward to peace and quiet and solitude.  Then I take a break and enjoy the peace and quiet and solitude.  Then my heart speaks up.  It starts as a whisper and soon becomes a booming voice urging me to go… home!  Because home is where my heart is.  Home is where everyone I love is,  home is where everything I love is.

Maybe I’m just a house hen, a softy who cannot be away from loved ones without my heart yearning for home.  So be it, that’s me!

When I started collecting materials for our mixed media canvas class on 4 June 2011 I kept looking for stuff that symbolise home.  I found beautiful tissue paper from 7Gypsies with birds and bird homes cages on it.  Then I found an antique doorway on Bo Bunny paper.  And that’s not all I found…

A lot of distressing, stamping, dabbing, painting and what-not later this is the result.  Of course you CAN do it!

The pink detail is a rub-on from Heidi Swapp and it ties in beautifully with the rest of the colours.

A bit of hardware adds interest and builds on the home theme. You will learn a variety of techniques that you can also incorporate in  new projects.

The class will be  from 09h00 – 14h00 and includes  drinks, tea time treats and lunch.  Please bring along your hair dryer and an old(ish) brown ink pad.  Contact me immediately if you would like to attend, since space is limited and a some places are booked already!

I cannot wait to create with you on Saturday 😉

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What a hectic week!  I cannot really list the things that kept me so busy but I’m happy to say it included lots of art and getting my hands dirty 😉

Christy Tomlinson creates the most beautiful mixed media canvases that I have admired forever.  The detail on her work is out of this world and when she came up with her online workshop I immediately enrolled!  It is called the She Art Workshop and I am sooo inspired by her work.  Meet my first She Art girl:

The process of getting paper, paint, rub-ons, doodles and whatever else on the canvas drew me in completely and for a while time stood still.  Although I have experimented with mixed media before, it was nothing like this and I am seriously hooked Christy!  I am definitely contemplating moving to an uninhabited island with a stash of  all the arty stuff I need to create mixed media art to my heart’s content. Yippeeee!!!

Okay, back to reality (sigh).  Even though I cannot spend my days just creating mixed media art, I certainly will make time to indulge in my new passion regularly. 

Try and find something new (creatively speaking) this week that brings a smile to your face.  I guarantee you it will be time well spent 🙂

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