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One moment I was leading the race and the next moment my head disappeared under water and I came up spluttering…

We were having fun in the pool after a hectic course of cheese making on Saturday.  My two sisters and three brothers with their husbands and wives decided last year that we wanted to do something together and we chose cheese making since most of us were interested in the process.  Little did we know…

Let’s just say that cheese making is far more involved than I am prepared to invest at this point in time.  But we had loads of fun and after Sunday lunch tried to take a family picture.  I say ‘tried’ because we ended up with a lot of funny, funky pictures… but a proper family portrait?  Well, we’ll just have to try again next time.  Promise!

However, the pictures were perfect for my layout this week 😉

double page layout

I used stickers from Echo Park and paired it up with paper tape from Bazzil Basics.


Slits in the background provided a place to slip cards with the months of the year and some journaling on it into.  I lined the slits with dotted tape in the same colour as the background that draws the attention to it.


The title was stamped and highlighted with white and I added black shadows when the paint was dry.  Stickers on top of the stamped  title repeat the title for added detail.

Now all that remains to do is to live, love, laugh, pray, play, pause… and then start all over again!


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On Saturday we had a huge get-together for my brother’s and his wife’s sixtieth birthdays this year.  All his brothers and sisters and all her brothers and sisters were there with some of their children – I would guess about 100 people!

Here is our bunch:

My sister and her husband (in the insert) unfortunately had to leave early and missed out on the family picture.  We caught up on all the news and had a family meal together on Sunday before everybody returned home.

The eight of us who went on the Namaqualand tour regaled the others with all our beautiful memories and what do you know – the next tour is being planned now.  I don’t know where or when yet, all I know is that I want to get on the road and make some more memories with my family 🙂

I used some pictures that we took at the West Coast National Park at Langebaan on our recent trip for my layout this week.

The paper is from DCWV and I hope you will love the flocked paper as much as I do.  The two pockets in the bottom corners of the layout were taped onto the background with 7G paper tape and provided space for tags that I used for journaling.

The chipboard wings were painted red and matted on dotted cardstock.  The word ‘beautiful’ came from a 7G card and were also matted on the dotted cardstock.

I used cotton twine to fasten a metal charm to one of the pictures as well as for a photo corner on the main picture on the left page.

It all begins and ends with family and I look forward to getting together with my scrapping family on Saturday 13 October!


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I realise that:

We haven’t seen the last of the cold weather

We are in the deep, dark throes of winter

Longing for spring is wishful thinking

The fruit trees need the cold weather to flower and bear fruit again

We haven’t seen the end of the flu season…

But winter solstice has come and gone and I am overjoyed by the thought that we are looking at the last few weeks of winter 😉

Keeping my thoughts positive helps to distract me from the winter blues and that is why I chose the ‘T is for Top Ten’ 97% complete sticker form 7G as the theme for my layout this week.

I selected the Winterland collection from Fancy Pants to use with the 7G stickers and scrapped to my heart’s content.

Tags from different papers fill two envelopes on the right page and more tags peep from under the matt of the main picture on the left page.

The only other embellishments I used on the page are ribbon from Fancy Pants and two paper clips on the main picture.

After I had finished my layout the sun was shining right into my heart again and I realised that I have an awful lot in my life to be grateful for.

I am grateful for:

A roof over my head

A warm bed to sleep in

A family to share cozy winter evenings in front of the fireplace with

Warm food to banish the winter cold from my body and soul

Enough warm clothes to wear each day

Good friends to share my hobby with

All the blessings I receive without even asking…

So, let us not allow the winter blues to drag us down – let’s rather concentrate on the good things and gather in high spirits on Saturday to scrap together 🙂

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We had  a few days of peace and quiet in the mountains over the weekend that we spent mostly in front of the fireplace reading, talking and bonding 🙂

It was extremely cold with the maximum temperature on Saturday only 2 degrees and Monday morning was a fresh -9 degrees!  This thermometer sits on the outside of the kitchen window and I wanted to clean the window (on the inside) a bit with a damp cloth before taking the picture.  That didn’t work so well because the window froze over immediately and I had to scrape the ice off before I could take the picture…

I realised immediately that there would be ice at the waterfall and I padded up and headed down-stream with my camera.  Happiness!!!  Long icicles were hanging from the plants near the waterfall and to get the best angle I had to sit down on the freezing rock.  Well, it didn’t take long for my behind to freeze as well but I stuck it out to get the picture I wanted.

It took some time to warm up again after I got indoors but that was okay with me because got what I wanted 😉

The best medicine for the cold is a Saturday morning scrapping with good friends and I am so glad I get to spend it with you!  For our layout this week I combined Kraft paper with decorative paper clips from my mind’s eye. I was so frustrated because I just could not get the lighting right on this picture 😦 with the result that the colours are off, but you can see the colours better in the detailed shots.

I treated bits of paper tape with distressing ink and embellished the envelopes and pocket on the right page with it.

The post cards and other cards that I used are from my Etsy folder that I have collected over time combined with Kraft paper tags.

The post cards have messages on the back for the boys to read years from now to find out what was going on in my head (but mostly my heart) when I scrapped this layout.  It is okay if they do not read it at all but it is important to me to put my thoughts in writing so they at least have the opportunity to read it should they want to.  My ‘subjects’ know by now that I journal my heart out somewhere on a layout – they just have to find it!

Hang in there for today and tomorrow until we get to share a morning of warm friendship on Saturday 16 June.

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This is where we are headed for our scrapbooking getaway from 9-11 March 2012.  Those of you who are not joining us – eat your hearts out ;)!

The picture above was taken in March 2005 after a downpour that swelled the usually docile stream and waterfall to this beautiful sight.

Of course it is also time for the fabulous kosmos on the Highveld and Freestate.

So all you have to do is bring your camera (I suppose you will have to pack a bag as well lol) and be at my house at 14h00 on 9 March 2012 and I will take you on a road trip!

In the bag that you will take on the trip with your camera you will need to pack the following:

  • A track suit or pants/jeans with a sweater
  • Casual day wear
  • Hiking shoes/takkies
  • Hat/pet (the sun up in the mountains is not funny)
  • Sunscreen
  • Chronic medication/asthma pump/antihistamine etc (we are an hour’s drive from the nearest doctor/hospital)
  • Personal items
  • Alcoholic beverage of your choice
  • Flash light
  • Bathing costume

Since we will be doing a mixed media canvass you won’t need the usual scrapbooking tools.  I will supply everything you need to complete the project.  Please bring a close-up picture of someone’s face, 21cm x 15cm (portrait orientation).  The picture must be printed on ordinary typing paper and has to be black & white or sepia.  Select a picture without background clutter and make sure that the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) are distinct.  Please e-mail me your pictures before 7 March 2012 so that I can make sure that they are suitable for the project.  I will change your pictures to black & white/sepia and print them for you if you need me to.  You can take more than one picture and decide which one you want to use once you start with the project.

We should be back by 14h00 on Sunday.  Please tell your loved ones that we do not have cell reception at the cabin so they won’t be able to disturb you so they won’t be able to send you a cute message 🙂  We will let them know when we have arrived safely and then we will be officially off the air until they hear from us again on Sunday.  What you do not have to tell them (unless you feel the need to) is that we can have cell reception if we want to 😉 (we just drive to the top of the koppie!)

Be ready to breathe the sweet mountain air.  To dip your toes (or your whole body) in the crisp mountain stream.  To relax in the peaceful atmosphere.  To create with an open mind an a song in your heart.  To sit in front of the fireplace when the fog rolls in at night.  To shower in the fog or under the stars in the outdoor shower… just be ready, ok?

I am ready and looking forward to share my piece of heaven with you 😉


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Youth’s the season made for joys,
Love is then our duty.

JOHN GAY, The Beggar’s Opera

Aaahh… and how joyful is the duty of love when you’re young and your heart is beating in unison with your sweetheart’s!   It is an added bonus if your sister is a photographer because then you can have the most beautiful pictures as memories of a summer spent in love.  It doesn’t get better than that!

The title of my double page layout for this week is ‘Memories’.

The tags are from 7G (Oh, I do love them so!!!) and I cut the numbers off the bottom of the tags and put two layers of embossing enamel on them to deepen the colour and add dimension and shine.  Then I stapled the numbers back onto the tags in different positions and used them to slide small black and white pictures into.  The tags were fastened to the layout with an assortment of brads to add to the shabby chique feel of the layout.

Masking is something that have always fascinated me and I used two different flourishes to create images on the background.  This technique is really simple to do:  just hold the flourish (or whatever mask you’re using) firmly in place and then use a stippling brush to apply the layers of colour.  Three colours of paint are usually enough to give depth to the colour of the image. I used ‘Red Oxide’ from Chromacryl as a base and layered ‘espresso’ from Making Memories on top of that and just a teensy weensy bit of ‘Cool Red’, also from Chromacryl, on top of the other two.

The title of my layout is ‘Memories’ and it is ordinary chipboard that I painted with ‘Red Oxide’ and then I stamped onto the paint with Staz-on ink an a dictionary stamp.  Two layers of clear embossing enamel provides the finishing lustre to the title.

           Lastly I added the beautiful pictures to complete the page and ta-da!

I am looking forward to scrapping with you on Saturday when we will also finalize our scrapping trip to the Drakensberg 🙂

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We didn’t buy it because it was modern, upmarket or eye-catching.  What did matter was that it had five bedrooms, a lounge, a diningroom and a separate family room for our family of six.  On top of that it was affordable!  That was twenty years ago…

A lot changed over the past twenty years and the original main entrance of our home was replaced by another.  Subsequently the original entrance hall became… a storage space for model planes, old bookcases, anything that didn’t fit anywhere else let’s just say ‘defunct’ and in the back of my head was sidelined and after a while I subconsciously disregarded it as part of the house 😦 A very sad state of affairs!

Then Mary-Ann designed the most beautiful ‘wall of pictures’ for her dining room and I immediately knew that was what I was going to do with the defunct entrance hall 🙂

I bought an assortment of frames, printed the pictures and Alisha and I set off to a quaint coffee and curio shop to buy the embellishments I wanted to use with my pictures.

Back home the design started on the dining room table…

The sad-looking entrance hall was waiting expectantly…

It took some time and effort to get everything onto the wall but the outcome was beautiful and the effort well worth it!

The bird house on the floor was meant to be painted cream and hung outside in my veggie garden but it completed the picture wall perfectly and I popped an anthurrium into it to repeat the red on the cross and the heart.  Guess I have to get a new one for the veggie garden…

When I got up this morning I went and sat on the couch from where I had a perfect view of the new ‘entrance hall’ and I thanked God in turn for every member of my precious family.

Then it happened:  the heavens opened and the angels sang…

Work in Progress Mondays

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