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One moment I was leading the race and the next moment my head disappeared under water and I came up spluttering…

We were having fun in the pool after a hectic course of cheese making on Saturday.  My two sisters and three brothers with their husbands and wives decided last year that we wanted to do something together and we chose cheese making since most of us were interested in the process.  Little did we know…

Let’s just say that cheese making is far more involved than I am prepared to invest at this point in time.  But we had loads of fun and after Sunday lunch tried to take a family picture.  I say ‘tried’ because we ended up with a lot of funny, funky pictures… but a proper family portrait?  Well, we’ll just have to try again next time.  Promise!

However, the pictures were perfect for my layout this week 😉

double page layout

I used stickers from Echo Park and paired it up with paper tape from Bazzil Basics.


Slits in the background provided a place to slip cards with the months of the year and some journaling on it into.  I lined the slits with dotted tape in the same colour as the background that draws the attention to it.


The title was stamped and highlighted with white and I added black shadows when the paint was dry.  Stickers on top of the stamped  title repeat the title for added detail.

Now all that remains to do is to live, love, laugh, pray, play, pause… and then start all over again!


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(actually just before the end of 2012) in the Drakensberg not too far from home, a Grandpa, Grandma and three grandsons decided to climb one of the peaks.

They took the long way and explored as far as they went.  Up and up they climbed until they came upon a beautiful protea bush in full flower and Grandpa insisted on taking a picture.  He would set up the camera and run to take his place behind Grandma and the boys.  It took some time, but he managed to get this picture 🙂


As soon as Grandpa was happy the boys were running up the mountain again and Grandma came huffing and puffing behind.  Soon they reached the top of the world with views on the most beautiful wetland below.


When Grandma’s huffing and puffing had slowed down enough they set off down the mountain on the other side to take care of some boy’s stuff.  Serious boy’s stuff!


Of course Grandpa kept a watchful eye and every time one of the boys managed to light a set of crackers they scattered in all directions – the anticipation and joy on their faces priceless!

The day ended with the most beautiful sunset and they felt privileged that they were able to enjoy the beauty of this remote spot in the Drakensberg.


A few days later they set the table for their Christmas meal with friends and family.


Then Grandma’s sister and her husband came to visit and the two Grandma’s and Grandpa’s set off exploring (being very adventurous spirits, they couldn’t sit still for long!).  They came upon this waterfall tumbling down a forty-foot gorge with an inviting pool at the end of it.


Inch by inch they made their way down the steep mountainside and when they got to the pool rewarded themselves by getting into the ice-cold mountain water to cool down.


And then 2012 ended with a beautiful sunset.



For this year I would like to wish you the best of God’s blessings.

May you be granted the wisdom to figure out the lessons from 2012 and apply them to your life in 2013.

May you be granted the strength to face the adversities that may come your way this year.

May you live an inspired life in 2013.

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About frogs… they tend to disguise themselves in thick, tall grass and you don’t see them until they jump up in front of your feet to scare you out of your wits.

Snakes?  I don’t think they disguise themselves – they just are where they are.  Usually in thick, tall grass where you don’t see them until they move… and slither over your foot and off to a dark place…

Friends… are the people who make you go into the tall, thick grass.  They expect you to act as if you dance among the kosmos and tall grass every day without even thinking of creatures hiding in the undergrowth.  And then they have a photographer at the ready to document this whole experience!!!  All because they want pictures for their next scrapbooking layout want to help you face your fears and overcome them 😉

All I can tell you is that the fears faded as we relaxed and had fun in front of the camera (with the help of  the other Meraai showing off her assets, which led to other people showing off theirs…)  The fact that the talented Riani of Blue Lemon Photography has tons of experience was a huge advantage and the result was beautiful pictures to show off!

What can a girl then do but design a double page layout to use the pictures on?  So I did!

The background paper as well as the pink music paper are from FabScraps and I used a technique that I picked up from Melani de Groot.  Once you have cut the papers in 2,5 x 2,5cm squares, you alternate the colours and stick them onto your page.  I stuck mine down only in the middle to create extra dimension once the squares are painted.  To ‘unify’ the squares, I used two darker colours to paint on the seams and then highlighted it with a lighter colour.  A few pen strokes complete the picture.

For the tags I experimented with a technique that I saw Tim Holtz using.  I started off with ordinary manilla tags and distressed them with different colours distress ink from Ranger.  The first layer was done with ‘vintage photo’ and I sprayed the ink with water before it was dry to let it run.  When that was dry  I did the next layer with ‘scattered straw’ and ‘worn lipstick’.  Before it was completely dry I used ‘dusty concord’ on the bottom half, sprayed it and tilted the tags upside down to allow the colour to seep into the lighter top half.


A music stamp from 7G on top of the colour was too bright for my liking and I toned it down by dusting it with the ‘pink lipstick’ to fade it a bit.  Then I decorated the tags with measuring tape printed on fabric, negative strips, gel buttons and ribbon.

The title got the same treatment as the tags, but being chipboard it didn’t come out exactly the same colour as the yellow manilla tags.  That was totally fine with me because I like the grungy look of it.  After stamping onto the letters I covered them with dimensional glaze to finish them off.

The journaling tells the story of the pictures and while documenting my thoughts I was totally back in the moment and the joy it gave us all.  I used ‘delhi’ from 7G to matt the journal pages on because it matched the colours of my layout beautifully.   The gel buttons have the same paper showing through.

 I am looking forward to sharing this page with you on Saturday 24 March 2012 when we get together for a morning of scrapping and friendship and sharing life with each other 🙂

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In her right hand she had the most beautiful pumpkin from her own garden.  In her left hand she had an anthurrium with lilac flowers.  In her chest she has a heart of gold!  She offered me a piece of herself.  Thank you Lorraine, you made my day!

My creativity was at an all-time low in December – especially after my head injury 😦  I didn’t do any scrapping.  Just enjoyed the company and the beautiful surroundings and spent a lot of time reflecting.  But creativity cannot be kept locked away and before long I started rummaging through my stash to see what would grab me.

As I unpacked the small canvasses and bits and bobs and lace and buttons and what-not, that familiar flutter of excitement started growing in my stomach until I could no longer contain the rumble and this is what spilled over:

A bit of handmade paper teamed up with old sheet music (my favourite!) serve as the background on top of the canvas for the 7Gypsy tags, Making Memories butterflies and vintage pictures of sweet children.  Add strips of Tim Holtz tissue tape, a cabouchon with buttons and a piece of lace and ta-da!

This year I intend to dabble more in mixed media and all things vintage and hope to take you on the journey with me 🙂

Whatever you create this week, give a piece of yourself!

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The female of the species Homo sapiens is the most amazing creature!

She is always becoming – becoming an entrepreneur; becoming a better partner; becoming an example for her children; becoming a more creative spirit; becoming… the list goes on endlessly.  And in this process of BECOMING she forgets about who she already IS!  She creates her own hamster wheel and just keep running as fast as her legs can possibly carry her.   The present is forgotten as she keeps her eyes trained on the end result.

We miss out on so much if we just keep becoming and never learn to BE what we ARE.  Therefore we need to escape from time to time to get our perceived reality in perspective and enjoy what we already are!

With the government school holidays next week some of us will take a much-needed break and that is the perfect opportunity to escape from whatever we have been becoming until now and just BE.

I was so happy when Riani had the opportunity to take time out of her busy schedule during July to join us for a few days at the seaside.  She had not been on holiday with us for a long time and we really cherished the time spent with her.  On this layout I used pictures of her having fun on the skim board.

7Gypsies has a sticker sheet titled ‘Escape’ that matches my layout perfectly and I used elements from it to my heart’s content.

The ‘step child’ of scrapbooking at the moment – vellum – also features on my layout in the form of library pockets that I filled with tags.  It is a very structural layout but the rigid lines are softened by the tags that I stuffed randomly into the pockets.

I am looking forward to scrapping with you on Saturday but in the mean time please take time out of BECOMING and enjoy the beautiful person you already ARE 🙂

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Quite a big year for me – 2011.  I turned fifty in June and was married for thirty years on 1 August!

Thirty years is a long, long time.  Longer than I’ve been single before our marriage.  Many people have been married for far longer than that and I admire them for it.  Marriage to me is a process of finding the middle ground.  A process of giving and receiving and sometimes fighting my way forward in the dark because I do not have all the answers (although I would like to believe that I do 😉 ).

Sometimes we battle together on the same side and sometimes we battle each other.  We overcame many problems and situations that could have finished our marriage but didn’t.  When I look back on the past thirty years I can see the Grace of God and His guiding Hand like a golden thread weaving our marriage together.

We have invested thirty years of our lives in marriage and each other and we received great dividends for our effort.  We had four amazing children and scored another four amazing children!  On top of that we were blessed with three beautiful grandsons who bring us joy every day.  We are happy together and when we were sitting on top of the mountain last weekend with the snow and beautiful scenery around us we were on top of the world.

So I came back with beautiful pictures and couldn’t wait to do this weeks layout with them!  In the end I decided on paper from Paper Explosion to match the ruggedness of the mountain and the colours of the scenery.

This layout was inspired by a layout that I did in a class with Melani de Groot a few years ago.

The cards are ATC Affirmation cards from 7Gypsies.  I cut five of the cards square and rounded the corners, then embellished them with hardware from Tim Holtz and FabScraps.  The photo turns, postage stamp tape and script tape are also from 7Gypsies.

I printed small pictures (the same size as negatives) to put in the negative strip on the right page of the layout.

Maybe we will be blessed with another thirty years together, who knows?  In the meantime I have to cherish what I have and be grateful for it.

Back to the battlefield then…

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On Friday morning Snow White (following in the footsteps of Mother Theresa) and Husband travelled to the Alps (maybe it was the Drakensberg) bearing gifts (essential food items) for the mountain folk.

The scenery along the way looked vastly different to that of three days before (read more about that here https://scrapmaniacs.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/once-upon-a-time/).  Most of the snow in the valleys had melted by then but the mountains still had drifts of snow covering large patches. The scenery was spectacular and Snow White had Husband stop on many occasions to capture the beauty of it.

Ominous clouds hung over the mountains and it wasn’t long before the flakes started drifting to the ground.  They had to hurry to unload the gifts and get conditions worsened.

It was hard to believe that three days earlier the snow was almost a metre deep in this spot and they couldn’t get through!

Just before they reached the cabin Snow White wondered if Husband remembered to take the key and the remotes to de-activate the pepper spray alarms (which was his job anyway!).  Of course he didn’t.

With Snow White cheering him on, Husband managed to open a window and de-activate the pepper spray alarms with the snowflakes gently floating down around them.   The snow stopped falling but it was still extremely cold.  For the rest of the weekend their only entry into the cabin was through a window.  The cool box wouldn’t fit, so it had to stay outside on the deck where the  fresh vegetables duly started to freeze on Saturday afternoon because of the severe cold (it was -6 degrees on Friday night).

On Saturday morning they climbed to the top of the mountain and what a magnificent sight!

They saw the resident deer skipping across the snow and had their ears and hands turn numb with cold.  The beauty of this well-known landscape with the snow dotted all over took their breaths away.  They would have liked to be able to see the landscape with 1 metre of snow covering it, but this was a great second prize.

Partidges flew up from the grass inches away from their feet and they cherished this special time together.  On the way back Husband (so dear) tried to save Snow White’s aching knees by walking ahead, trying to stabilise the snow so that she could walk easier.  Thank you Husband – not only for stabilising the snow, but also for walking the road with Snow White for thirty (yes thirty) years!

But alas, reality called and they knew they had responsibilities waiting for them.

So Snow White became a snow angel and drifted off into cyberspace…

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