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The loves of my life

This post was supposed to happen early in the day, but things have a way of going haywire when you least need it to… ūüė¶

Although I am not really a fan of Valentine’s day I wanted to do something special for my family to let them know that I love and cherish them.¬†¬†Last year¬†I bought¬†the cutest¬†set of five bottles in a wire tray with the idea of putting pictures in them and displaying them in the living room.

Somehow I never got round to doing the project and the bottles sat in the kitchen, staring at me sadly every time I walked past them.¬† They jingled accusingly every time the microwave was switched on (they were sitting on top of it) and at bedtime I could hear them calling my name… So today I tackled them and filled them with the loves of my life.

The pictures of my family were mounted¬†onto a selection of¬†bingo cards and taped down with 7G canvass sayings that are really typical of my family!¬† The precious ‘Remember’ tape on the necks of the bottles are also from 7G.

This is a better view of the detail on the top part of the bottles.¬† Three of the bottles have beautiful metal roses and I slipped red hearts in between the petals.¬† The middle bottle boasts a birdie –¬†from who else than 7G¬†!¬† ¬†I think I am seriously addicted.¬† The bird needed her own heart¬† and her head is adorned with my special brand of tape (that I also used to tie the small pink Bingo cards and hearts¬†to the bottles).¬† You will definitely see more of this tape in future projects ūüôā

The metal hearts that I used with the pink Bingo cards are from FabScraps.

This little baby is now going to sit where everybody can see it every day and be reminded of the love I have for them.  And when I walk past, the bottles will sigh contentedly.

I hope you receive all the love and appreciation that you deserve and are worthy of every day of the year.  You are precious to me!


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