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This is where we are headed for our scrapbooking getaway from 9-11 March 2012.  Those of you who are not joining us – eat your hearts out ;)!

The picture above was taken in March 2005 after a downpour that swelled the usually docile stream and waterfall to this beautiful sight.

Of course it is also time for the fabulous kosmos on the Highveld and Freestate.

So all you have to do is bring your camera (I suppose you will have to pack a bag as well lol) and be at my house at 14h00 on 9 March 2012 and I will take you on a road trip!

In the bag that you will take on the trip with your camera you will need to pack the following:

  • A track suit or pants/jeans with a sweater
  • Casual day wear
  • Hiking shoes/takkies
  • Hat/pet (the sun up in the mountains is not funny)
  • Sunscreen
  • Chronic medication/asthma pump/antihistamine etc (we are an hour’s drive from the nearest doctor/hospital)
  • Personal items
  • Alcoholic beverage of your choice
  • Flash light
  • Bathing costume

Since we will be doing a mixed media canvass you won’t need the usual scrapbooking tools.  I will supply everything you need to complete the project.  Please bring a close-up picture of someone’s face, 21cm x 15cm (portrait orientation).  The picture must be printed on ordinary typing paper and has to be black & white or sepia.  Select a picture without background clutter and make sure that the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) are distinct.  Please e-mail me your pictures before 7 March 2012 so that I can make sure that they are suitable for the project.  I will change your pictures to black & white/sepia and print them for you if you need me to.  You can take more than one picture and decide which one you want to use once you start with the project.

We should be back by 14h00 on Sunday.  Please tell your loved ones that we do not have cell reception at the cabin so they won’t be able to disturb you so they won’t be able to send you a cute message 🙂  We will let them know when we have arrived safely and then we will be officially off the air until they hear from us again on Sunday.  What you do not have to tell them (unless you feel the need to) is that we can have cell reception if we want to 😉 (we just drive to the top of the koppie!)

Be ready to breathe the sweet mountain air.  To dip your toes (or your whole body) in the crisp mountain stream.  To relax in the peaceful atmosphere.  To create with an open mind an a song in your heart.  To sit in front of the fireplace when the fog rolls in at night.  To shower in the fog or under the stars in the outdoor shower… just be ready, ok?

I am ready and looking forward to share my piece of heaven with you 😉



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