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All warm and fuzzy inside I looked out at snowflakes feathering down on my garden.

That’s what I did yesterday – I tried hard to concentrate on my work but couldn’t help myself.  Every time the snow started again I just had to get up and stare in amazement.  Pictures cannot do it justice but I have to share one with you and I bet every South African who experienced the snow yesterday will get warm and fuzzy inside while looking at it!]

It felt as if I was inside a snow bowl with magic all around me 🙂  After a little while the plants started looking like this:

Snow on blue salvias

When the kids came home from school they had a ball dancing in the falling snowflakes:

Secretly, everybody who played in the snow yesterday had let their inner child free to enjoy the snow with abandon!  The children even dragged great-grandma out to pose with them:

It was very special for her to be able to enjoy the spectacle with her great-grandchildren. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and looking forward to scrap with you on 18 August 2012!


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