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Only by the age of forty had I mastered the art of being true to myself.  Before that I used to tear myself in a million pieces trying to please everybody else.

I found some wonderful neck exercises that helped catapult myself into being myself – I learnt to shake my head from side to side.  I learnt to say NO.  NO to things other people expected from me that they could do for themselves.  NO to unreasonable demands from others.  NO to unnecessary things I ‘had to do’ stealing my time.  NO to people sucking every ounce of energy out of me, leaving me spent and too tired to spend quality time with my family.  With whom I can just be myself!

Over the Easter weekend we had our annual family get-together and we spent a lot of time catching up and of course just being ourselves 🙂  My younger sister and I are very close and can be quite goofy when we are together.  On Sunday afternoon we hiked to the waterfall in Kgaswane (near Rustenburg) where we were camping and everybody had to be photographed with the waterfall in the background.  When it was our turn she caught me unexpectedly from behind and started kissing me passionately on the cheek.  Mary-Ann was ready with her camera and clicked away, capturing precious memories that I used on my layout for this week.

The layout was actually completed before the weekend and the pictures went very well with it.  I used paper from the new Fancy Pants range as well as their beautiful matching rub-ons.

The rub-ons look beautiful on the background as well as on the printed paper and I used it strategically across my layout.  Part of the layout is a quote from an unknown person reading:  ‘The biggest challenges in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.’

I already practise most of the phrases on the page but there is at least one that I really need to work on:  ‘Forgive Easily’.  Why is that so difficult fo me?  Maybe because I am being my stubborn self!

Find what makes you happy this week and do it {a LOT}


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