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About frogs… they tend to disguise themselves in thick, tall grass and you don’t see them until they jump up in front of your feet to scare you out of your wits.

Snakes?  I don’t think they disguise themselves – they just are where they are.  Usually in thick, tall grass where you don’t see them until they move… and slither over your foot and off to a dark place…

Friends… are the people who make you go into the tall, thick grass.  They expect you to act as if you dance among the kosmos and tall grass every day without even thinking of creatures hiding in the undergrowth.  And then they have a photographer at the ready to document this whole experience!!!  All because they want pictures for their next scrapbooking layout want to help you face your fears and overcome them 😉

All I can tell you is that the fears faded as we relaxed and had fun in front of the camera (with the help of  the other Meraai showing off her assets, which led to other people showing off theirs…)  The fact that the talented Riani of Blue Lemon Photography has tons of experience was a huge advantage and the result was beautiful pictures to show off!

What can a girl then do but design a double page layout to use the pictures on?  So I did!

The background paper as well as the pink music paper are from FabScraps and I used a technique that I picked up from Melani de Groot.  Once you have cut the papers in 2,5 x 2,5cm squares, you alternate the colours and stick them onto your page.  I stuck mine down only in the middle to create extra dimension once the squares are painted.  To ‘unify’ the squares, I used two darker colours to paint on the seams and then highlighted it with a lighter colour.  A few pen strokes complete the picture.

For the tags I experimented with a technique that I saw Tim Holtz using.  I started off with ordinary manilla tags and distressed them with different colours distress ink from Ranger.  The first layer was done with ‘vintage photo’ and I sprayed the ink with water before it was dry to let it run.  When that was dry  I did the next layer with ‘scattered straw’ and ‘worn lipstick’.  Before it was completely dry I used ‘dusty concord’ on the bottom half, sprayed it and tilted the tags upside down to allow the colour to seep into the lighter top half.


A music stamp from 7G on top of the colour was too bright for my liking and I toned it down by dusting it with the ‘pink lipstick’ to fade it a bit.  Then I decorated the tags with measuring tape printed on fabric, negative strips, gel buttons and ribbon.

The title got the same treatment as the tags, but being chipboard it didn’t come out exactly the same colour as the yellow manilla tags.  That was totally fine with me because I like the grungy look of it.  After stamping onto the letters I covered them with dimensional glaze to finish them off.

The journaling tells the story of the pictures and while documenting my thoughts I was totally back in the moment and the joy it gave us all.  I used ‘delhi’ from 7G to matt the journal pages on because it matched the colours of my layout beautifully.   The gel buttons have the same paper showing through.

 I am looking forward to sharing this page with you on Saturday 24 March 2012 when we get together for a morning of scrapping and friendship and sharing life with each other 🙂


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Sometimes in life things do not work out as planned.  An idea or concept will take shape in my head and I would already visualise the outcome…

Actually this was Riani’s idea, but I could already see the layout I would scrap with the pictures she was going to take!  Imagine this:  Tjaart and Corli dressed in black denim with their pants rolled up, standing with their backs towards the camera in the mountain stream against the background of the impossibly green mountains and a blue sky with the odd white cloud floating by.

Well, the weather wasn’t playing nice and as the holidays drew to a close I still didn’t have the pictures for my beautiful layout 😦  On the last afternoon it was overcast with dark clouds rolling in so the game plan changed a bit.  The couple would hold an umbrella to fit in with the overcast weather.  By the time they were dressed and ready to go the famous mountain wind had picked up and the umbrella didn’t stand a chance.  Riani tried her damnedest but the shots she had planned just didn’t work out.

Being resourceful she adjusted her strategy, used the wind as an ally and took the most amazing pictures 🙂

These pictures  became the inspiration for my layout this week and the story behind it.  Sometimes we are driven off track by external circumstances that we cannot change, and we are faced with two choices:  bitch and moan and fall into a negative trap because of it or recognise the opportunity it represents, grab it and come up trumps!  That is when we discover freedom.

For my layout this week I used the ‘Weed’ paper from 7Gypsies’ Off the Wall collection as my background.

For the envelopes I used Tim Holtz Kraft Resist paper.  The bird stamp on the envelopes is from 7Gypsies and is exactly the same as the bird on the paper.  I used a Cuttlebug to distress the metal embellishment on the tags.

The most beautiful part of this page for me is the tape stamped with pink butterflies and it is so easy to make!  Unfortunately I do not have the link of the site that I got the idea from 😦 but it is ordinary Micropore tape you can buy from a chemist!  A few cross stitches add to the rustic charm of the layout.

Upikit has lovely paperclips that I used on my main picture.

Empower yourself this week by not allowing external circumstances to rule your world.  Discover freedom!

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