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I am not going to say it, I refuse!  The end of the year did not sneak up on me and I do not still have a thousand things to do…

Since we finished our biggest project for this year – the Platinum craft market in Rustenburg – I have been out of sorts.  It was the beginning of something new that I really hope will grow  into a very successful undertaking.  At the same time it was the end of a long process of planning and production and being so busy that I had literally functioned on auto-pilot for weeks!  It is only now that I realise how tired I am and how blessed we are to break away to the mountains for a few days to charge depleted batteries…

The market was a huge success and we won an award for the most beautiful hand-made products!!!  I was so humbled when I saw the award displayed at our stall that all I could do was cry 😦  But it was tears of joy and gratitude and only then could I start to relax and enjoy the event.  We came back with some stock left that will be ideal gifts for Xmas and you are welcome to shop on Saturday.

It has been a full year for us with lots of ups and downs.  When I sat down to prepare my layout for Saturday’s class I started thinking about everything that happened this year and decided to call my layout ‘2012 in review’.  What an emotional rollercoaster it turned out to be!


Each of the twelve months have their own pocket filled with tags for journaling and pictures of the family member who has a birthday in that month.


I took the time to explore the events of each month and during some of them I smiled and sometimes I cried.  Often I walked away to finish later because journaling about stuff somehow makes it real again and it is difficult to face emotions you thought you have dealt with and buried.

What I learnt out of this process is three very important lessons:

Lesson 1:  I cannot fix everything

Lesson 2:  I am not God

Lesson 3:  Let go and let God

Nothing new – I have learnt them often before, but somehow I ‘unlearn’ them time and time again.  And God indulges me and lets me work myself into a frenzy and allows me to worry myself sick.  And then, when I cannot bear the load alone any more and fall down on my knees He takes my hand and leads the way.

Be warned: this seems like an easy layout and in the practical sense it is, but you have to dig deep and it takes courage to journal honestly about the people and events closest to you!

Looking forward to an amazing morning with you on Saturday 🙂


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