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We didn’t buy it because it was modern, upmarket or eye-catching.  What did matter was that it had five bedrooms, a lounge, a diningroom and a separate family room for our family of six.  On top of that it was affordable!  That was twenty years ago…

A lot changed over the past twenty years and the original main entrance of our home was replaced by another.  Subsequently the original entrance hall became… a storage space for model planes, old bookcases, anything that didn’t fit anywhere else let’s just say ‘defunct’ and in the back of my head was sidelined and after a while I subconsciously disregarded it as part of the house 😦 A very sad state of affairs!

Then Mary-Ann designed the most beautiful ‘wall of pictures’ for her dining room and I immediately knew that was what I was going to do with the defunct entrance hall 🙂

I bought an assortment of frames, printed the pictures and Alisha and I set off to a quaint coffee and curio shop to buy the embellishments I wanted to use with my pictures.

Back home the design started on the dining room table…

The sad-looking entrance hall was waiting expectantly…

It took some time and effort to get everything onto the wall but the outcome was beautiful and the effort well worth it!

The bird house on the floor was meant to be painted cream and hung outside in my veggie garden but it completed the picture wall perfectly and I popped an anthurrium into it to repeat the red on the cross and the heart.  Guess I have to get a new one for the veggie garden…

When I got up this morning I went and sat on the couch from where I had a perfect view of the new ‘entrance hall’ and I thanked God in turn for every member of my precious family.

Then it happened:  the heavens opened and the angels sang…

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