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We had  a few days of peace and quiet in the mountains over the weekend that we spent mostly in front of the fireplace reading, talking and bonding 🙂

It was extremely cold with the maximum temperature on Saturday only 2 degrees and Monday morning was a fresh -9 degrees!  This thermometer sits on the outside of the kitchen window and I wanted to clean the window (on the inside) a bit with a damp cloth before taking the picture.  That didn’t work so well because the window froze over immediately and I had to scrape the ice off before I could take the picture…

I realised immediately that there would be ice at the waterfall and I padded up and headed down-stream with my camera.  Happiness!!!  Long icicles were hanging from the plants near the waterfall and to get the best angle I had to sit down on the freezing rock.  Well, it didn’t take long for my behind to freeze as well but I stuck it out to get the picture I wanted.

It took some time to warm up again after I got indoors but that was okay with me because got what I wanted 😉

The best medicine for the cold is a Saturday morning scrapping with good friends and I am so glad I get to spend it with you!  For our layout this week I combined Kraft paper with decorative paper clips from my mind’s eye. I was so frustrated because I just could not get the lighting right on this picture 😦 with the result that the colours are off, but you can see the colours better in the detailed shots.

I treated bits of paper tape with distressing ink and embellished the envelopes and pocket on the right page with it.

The post cards and other cards that I used are from my Etsy folder that I have collected over time combined with Kraft paper tags.

The post cards have messages on the back for the boys to read years from now to find out what was going on in my head (but mostly my heart) when I scrapped this layout.  It is okay if they do not read it at all but it is important to me to put my thoughts in writing so they at least have the opportunity to read it should they want to.  My ‘subjects’ know by now that I journal my heart out somewhere on a layout – they just have to find it!

Hang in there for today and tomorrow until we get to share a morning of warm friendship on Saturday 16 June.


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