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Skinny dip…

2011 started with a bang, so of course we had to escape to our cabin in the Drakensberg for some well-earned peace and quiet 😉

Kobus and Alisha went with and us ladies scrapped to our heart’s content on Saturday while it became overcast and started pouring with rain later in the day.  Of course we made some time for the men too and entertained them with a game of Uno Stacko for about half an hour (quite a generous amount of time considering that we were really busy scrapping!).  I will do a post later in the week to show you exactly WHAT kept us so busy…

No stay in the mountains is complete without getting my feet wet.  On Sunday morning the skies were the bluest of blue and the sun’s rays highlighted the seeds of the lush grass with golden halos.  Frans and I watched a blue kingfisher hunting for a while.

Isn’t he a beauty? 

Then we wandered up-stream for a while to see what we could see.  The wandering didn’t last long because I just had to sit down at my favourite spot next to a small waterfall.

After a while we got going again and when we reached the big pool I could not resist the clear water and convinced Frans to join me for a skinny dip.  You will be quite right if you wonder whether I had lost my marbles.  After all I had been wearing a jacket moments before and this is mountain water – crystal clear and ICE COLD!!!  We checked that no-one could see us from the cabin and lost our clothes.  All I can say is that we got in and out in a flash, a very cold flash.  Of course I took pictures and am more than willing to share the next one with you.

This is not the pool that we dipped into, but you can see how clear the water actually is!

Most of the wild flowers are gone now, but the river lily is starting to flower and the gladioli are in full bloom.  I cannot believe that we have these beautiful flowers growing in the wild!

We returned thoroughly refreshed and ready to carry on with the business of February 2011 – although I think that we would need to take a break again within the next few weeks 🙂

Getting on with business, I would like to show you our scrapbooking layout for this week.  Fab Scraps has a new range for boys/men and I used it to document the fun Kobus had while on holiday recently .

The matching stickers worked great for this layout and I used most of them with their white backing still attached.  The ric-rac is distressed with ink to match the background.

This is a really fun layout and knowing the story behind these pictures made scrapping it a real joy!

Happy scrapping till later this week.


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