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About frogs… they tend to disguise themselves in thick, tall grass and you don’t see them until they jump up in front of your feet to scare you out of your wits.

Snakes?  I don’t think they disguise themselves – they just are where they are.  Usually in thick, tall grass where you don’t see them until they move… and slither over your foot and off to a dark place…

Friends… are the people who make you go into the tall, thick grass.  They expect you to act as if you dance among the kosmos and tall grass every day without even thinking of creatures hiding in the undergrowth.  And then they have a photographer at the ready to document this whole experience!!!  All because they want pictures for their next scrapbooking layout want to help you face your fears and overcome them 😉

All I can tell you is that the fears faded as we relaxed and had fun in front of the camera (with the help of  the other Meraai showing off her assets, which led to other people showing off theirs…)  The fact that the talented Riani of Blue Lemon Photography has tons of experience was a huge advantage and the result was beautiful pictures to show off!

What can a girl then do but design a double page layout to use the pictures on?  So I did!

The background paper as well as the pink music paper are from FabScraps and I used a technique that I picked up from Melani de Groot.  Once you have cut the papers in 2,5 x 2,5cm squares, you alternate the colours and stick them onto your page.  I stuck mine down only in the middle to create extra dimension once the squares are painted.  To ‘unify’ the squares, I used two darker colours to paint on the seams and then highlighted it with a lighter colour.  A few pen strokes complete the picture.

For the tags I experimented with a technique that I saw Tim Holtz using.  I started off with ordinary manilla tags and distressed them with different colours distress ink from Ranger.  The first layer was done with ‘vintage photo’ and I sprayed the ink with water before it was dry to let it run.  When that was dry  I did the next layer with ‘scattered straw’ and ‘worn lipstick’.  Before it was completely dry I used ‘dusty concord’ on the bottom half, sprayed it and tilted the tags upside down to allow the colour to seep into the lighter top half.


A music stamp from 7G on top of the colour was too bright for my liking and I toned it down by dusting it with the ‘pink lipstick’ to fade it a bit.  Then I decorated the tags with measuring tape printed on fabric, negative strips, gel buttons and ribbon.

The title got the same treatment as the tags, but being chipboard it didn’t come out exactly the same colour as the yellow manilla tags.  That was totally fine with me because I like the grungy look of it.  After stamping onto the letters I covered them with dimensional glaze to finish them off.

The journaling tells the story of the pictures and while documenting my thoughts I was totally back in the moment and the joy it gave us all.  I used ‘delhi’ from 7G to matt the journal pages on because it matched the colours of my layout beautifully.   The gel buttons have the same paper showing through.

 I am looking forward to sharing this page with you on Saturday 24 March 2012 when we get together for a morning of scrapping and friendship and sharing life with each other 🙂


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It’s the weekend baby!

And on our way to a piece of heaven we took to the gorgeous autumn fields and reconnected with our inner child for a while.  The weather was changing fast and the wind swept over the grasslands to lend wings to our feet as we skipped across the green grass.

That was after we had a bit of fun in the kosmos that lined the dirt road.

We even managed to drag the reluctant photographer who usually hides behind the camera into the flowers for a beautiful picture!

Spectacular clouds lined the sky and we just managed to unload our luggage before a few fat raindrops started falling from the sky.  A hearty dinner set the tone for a relaxed evening spent by the soft light of the lanterns and we went to bed looking forward to the creative buzz on Saturday.

Saturday was spent creating texture, paint washes, dry-brushing, highlighting and every technique you can think of.  It was amazing to see everybody’s canvas taking on colour and texture and become a work of art!

All the projects are not completed yet, so we will keep them under wraps until they are ready to showcase here 😉

The sunset on Saturday was amazing because of thunder clouds low on the western horizon and the temperature dropped considerably.  During the night it rained and the fog rolled in so that we woke up on Sunday to white fog hugging the cabin.  But before long the fog started clearing and by the time we were packed and ready to return home the seed-laden grass were basking in the morning sun.

Before finally departing Riani suggested that we take the girls to the lookout point to show them the beautiful view of the escarpment dropping away to the valley deep down below.

Everybody agreed that the next getaway needs to be longer so we can spend more time outdoors to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  So watch this space and don’t miss out on our next extended creative getaway in March 2013

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This is where we are headed for our scrapbooking getaway from 9-11 March 2012.  Those of you who are not joining us – eat your hearts out ;)!

The picture above was taken in March 2005 after a downpour that swelled the usually docile stream and waterfall to this beautiful sight.

Of course it is also time for the fabulous kosmos on the Highveld and Freestate.

So all you have to do is bring your camera (I suppose you will have to pack a bag as well lol) and be at my house at 14h00 on 9 March 2012 and I will take you on a road trip!

In the bag that you will take on the trip with your camera you will need to pack the following:

  • A track suit or pants/jeans with a sweater
  • Casual day wear
  • Hiking shoes/takkies
  • Hat/pet (the sun up in the mountains is not funny)
  • Sunscreen
  • Chronic medication/asthma pump/antihistamine etc (we are an hour’s drive from the nearest doctor/hospital)
  • Personal items
  • Alcoholic beverage of your choice
  • Flash light
  • Bathing costume

Since we will be doing a mixed media canvass you won’t need the usual scrapbooking tools.  I will supply everything you need to complete the project.  Please bring a close-up picture of someone’s face, 21cm x 15cm (portrait orientation).  The picture must be printed on ordinary typing paper and has to be black & white or sepia.  Select a picture without background clutter and make sure that the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) are distinct.  Please e-mail me your pictures before 7 March 2012 so that I can make sure that they are suitable for the project.  I will change your pictures to black & white/sepia and print them for you if you need me to.  You can take more than one picture and decide which one you want to use once you start with the project.

We should be back by 14h00 on Sunday.  Please tell your loved ones that we do not have cell reception at the cabin so they won’t be able to disturb you so they won’t be able to send you a cute message 🙂  We will let them know when we have arrived safely and then we will be officially off the air until they hear from us again on Sunday.  What you do not have to tell them (unless you feel the need to) is that we can have cell reception if we want to 😉 (we just drive to the top of the koppie!)

Be ready to breathe the sweet mountain air.  To dip your toes (or your whole body) in the crisp mountain stream.  To relax in the peaceful atmosphere.  To create with an open mind an a song in your heart.  To sit in front of the fireplace when the fog rolls in at night.  To shower in the fog or under the stars in the outdoor shower… just be ready, ok?

I am ready and looking forward to share my piece of heaven with you 😉


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By this time you have all heard the bad news… our upcoming trip had to be postponed to early next year 😦 because too many scrappers had other commitments.  I am sooo disappointed but will set a date soon so that all of you can reserve the new date!

The layout for this week is sweet and simple.

The title refers to our journey through life and I used several quotes as borders on the layout on both sides.  Library pockets made from 7Gypsies paper match the journey theme and was filled with picture tags.  The small maps hint at the various places we may find ourselves in our lives and that our journey through life is not about the destination but each place we visit on this journey.

The pictures on my layout are of Kobus and Alisha taken during their month-long stay in Port Elizabeth.  They had beautiful sunsets on the beach and I get to scrap the pictures!

Happy scrapping till next week 🙂

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Only sixteen days to go before we leave for our scrapping event in the mountains ladies whoop-whoop!  Your surprises are almost finished and I know you’re going to love them!  Okay sigh here’s a sneak peek…

You will just have to wait another sixteen days to see what it is 😉  What I can give you now is the details for the weekend:

Departure:  4 November 2011 at 14h00 from my home

Return:  6 November approximately 13h00 to my home

Bring along:  All chronic medication; allergy medication and suntan lotion (NB)

Scrap supplies:  cutter; mounting squares/double-sided tape (lots of it); green Tombow glue; distress ink (chalk).  I will supply mats, cutting knives, rulers, pencils, etc.

Clothing:  It gets very hot but can become foggy and cold in an instant so bring something warm.  Bring along your swimsuit if you feel courageous enough to brave the cold mountain water 🙂

We are going to miss our friends who cannot come along this time 😦 but hope to take you with next year!

Our scrapbook layout for this week is titled ‘It’s a girl thing’ and it will be difficult to find a more girly layout  among my designs!

I used corrugated cardboard as tags and then layered the girly stuff onto it.  The cardboard tags create borders on the left and right sides of the double page layout.

I used some of the papers from the High Tea range by FabScraps.  Their matching sticker sheet is full of girly things that I used to layer onto the cardboard tags.  Scraps of old book paper add continuity to the tags and bind them together as a group.

Green is a beautiful accent for purple and a bit of ribbon and a few flowers make the world of difference.

Looking at the calendar I realise that this year is running out fast and that we do not have that many scrapping opportunities left    😦  I’m looking forward to scrapping with you on Saturday!

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Okay, it wasn’t really the middle of the night – but the moon was out and I could see my shadow against the wall of the outdoor shower and you know what?  It was amazing standing under the hot water with the moonlight streaming down in golden rays when it was only 9 degrees in the mountains!

The weather in the mountains is unpredictable and we had a maximum temperature of only 4 degrees last Wednesday.  The fog swirled around the house with fine drizzle coming down continuously.  We had a fire going inside and our hearts were warm and content.

This type of weather is normal for any time of the year and could well be something that we experience on our trip in November, so bring along at least one set of warm clothes and shoes.  It is only three and a half weeks away and I am working hard to make this the experience of a lifetime for all of you who are going along.  You will return from this trip a changed person, a much lighter person because you are going to leave your burdens behind and come back with new insight into your life and current situation.  Promise.

In the meantime we still need to scrap don’t we?  And what makes it easier than beautiful pictures that just HAVE to be scrapped… My camera follows me everywhere I go and the whole family has succumbed to my need for pictures – anywhere, anytime – lots of pictures :).  Even the grandchildren play along and posed and played to my heart’s content during this beautiful sunset.

My inspiration for this layout came from a sketch at Scrapbook Challenges.  What I love about their sketches is that you can make it your own and interpret it the way you like and feel comfortable with it.  I adapted their one page sketch for a double page layout.  For this layout I used a combination of papers and embellishments and that really contributes to its charm.  I love the colours of the border below the bubble strip and how it matches the colours of sunset.  The cut-out flower on the right hand page is from ‘Abundance’ of 7Gypsies’ Lille range.  The red brads form a visual triangle and together with the pointy flags on the left page lead the eye trough the layout.

The simple technique of cutting a slit into your background paper, lining it at the back with a different paper and then folding it back with another paper taped behind the opening creates interest, especially where you have a lot of white space on a layout.

Tim Holtz’ clear fragments is one of my favorite embellishments lately and you can literally stick it onto anything.

Your embellishment will match your paper exactly every time and make a bold statement.  The bubble border is from FabScraps and I used it as a divider between my pictures and the bottom border.

May there be beautiful sunsets for you this week 🙂

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Mia culpa 😦  I’m sorry for not keeping my promise to post about the project for our weekend in the mountains!

My creative brain went awol and I really battled to focus on the task at hand.  On Wednesday I went to bed and prayed for inspiration to finish my project.  On Thursday I realised that I had underestimated God – if I had trusted Him more, I would have prayed for inspiration when I started battling and the project could have been finished long since!  But then again, I had to get to the point where I realised I couldn’t do it without Him…

Since then the project grew under my hands into something that I really enjoyed working on!  The style of the album is shabby chic with most of the embellishments ready-made so that assembling the album will be a breeze 😉

The album has cut-out windows that allow you to see into it as deep as the last page, so part of the last page is actually also part of the cover!

This is part of the last page that can be seen through one of the windows.  The flowers are spruced up with a bit of glitter glue and the bundle of cards tied together with a dainty ribbon.

Perfect Pearls Mist adds glitz to the script paper.  The large pink rose was distressed and then dabbed with glitter glue.

 Dry-brushing in pink and green completes the shabby effect and YES, I actually did it with my index finger Melani!

So girls, prepare to get your hands dirty – we are going to have a blast we are going to work very hard 😉  The project will leave us enough time to enjoy the beautiful setting and clear mountain stream and we shall return refreshed and ready for the last stretch before Christmas!

Date: 4/11/2011 – 6/11/2011;  Departure:  14h00 from my place;  Back home:  approximately 14h00;  Cost:  R1 100 all inclusive.

Please bring along:

Double-sided tape                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tombow Multi glue                                                                                                                                                                                                Paper piercer                                                                                                                                                                                                           Distress ink pad                                                                                                                                                                                                            Black pen                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Paper cutter                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cutting knife (essential)                                                                                                                                                                                         Foam squares

The mountain weather is unpredictable so please bring a warm jacket and jeans for when it gets cold.  Hiking shoes is a must for hiking to the waterfall, so start using them now and get fit so long.  There is no pollution so sunscreen is a must unless you want to return looking like a cooked lobster!

Places are filling up fast and we already have only a few spots left.  Leave a comment or contact me via e-mail:  fmlab@mweb.co.za or cell: 082 780 8919.

Make time for yourselves this week and claim your own space grilfriends – you owe it to yourself!

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